Destiny character slots

destiny character slots

No, because then people would be able to do the nightfall/raids more and get everything faster. Which would lead to more people "taking a. I let my cousin make a character in my profile thinking there wouldn't be a limit, or at worse there'd be a large amount of slots like in Diablo. For Destiny on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled You can spec each character differently as many times as you want. destiny character slots

Destiny character slots - lohnenswert Spielspaß

To bad shotguns suck now. I'm okay with 3 slots, but it'd be nice if we could somehow alter our appearance after character creation. Your account would be your psn name. You've got three -blam! User Name Remember Me? If they make a fourth class, yeah. Create webmoney kaufen guest account. So you mean you want to do the raid 4 times and get 4 set of rewards. Edited by Fromage of Havoc: SterlingFox SterlingFox 2 years ago 9 My girlfriend decided to take up both my second and third slots because she wanted to try the game. Do you have any tips on playing a Hunter.


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